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water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration

If you’re reading this page because you’re in the midst of a water damage or basement flooding, let us start by saying we are so sorry and are here to HELP!  Call 316-312-0117 immediately and one of Snow White’s trained, certified technicians will be on their way to deal with your flooded area or water damage restoration.  Time is critical in a water loss or sewage backup and the things you do first will greatly affect the outcome.  We serve Wichita, Goddard, Bel Aire, Maize, Andover, Derby and other surrounding areas in Kansas.

Do not call your insurance company until we arrive and access the situation.  Remember, we are on YOUR side.  We will work with your adjuster to ensure you are treated fairly.  If you have already called your insurance company, remember, YOU have the right to choose what company restores your home.  Snow White has more than 50 years’ experience and will make sure it is done right.

After you call 316-312-0117, review the checklist below to see what steps you can take to begin the water restoration process.  IF AT ANY TIME YOU DO NOT FEEL SAFE, LEAVE THE FLOODED AREA OR HOME IMMEDIATELY!

Water Damage Cleanup Checklist

  • If possible, eliminate the source of the water.  With a broken pipe, try to find the shut off valve.  It may be necessary to close the water main to the house.
  • If it’s safe, try to find the circuit breakers sending electricity to the wet areas and turn them off.
  • If it’s safe to do so, remove electrical devices from wet areas.
  • Try to avoid walking on the carpet that has been affected.  This can cause more damage.
  • If it is possible to remove furniture from the areas with water, you can help avoid furniture and permanent rust stains.  Another trick is to put aluminum foil under the legs of sofas, chairs and tables.
  • Pin up anything hanging near the wet floors, including furniture skirts and draperies.
  • Remove as many high-value, breakable or moisture-sensitive belongings as possible and anything that can stain the floors.  Things to look for are fabric, paper goods, shoes, and even potted plants.  Be sure to look under furniture and beds.
  • Remember, these are CONTAMINATED areas.  Wash your hands often and use gloves if possible.
  • DO NOT use a shop-vac or home vacuum for water removal because it can be an electrical shock hazard.
  • Do not turn on heat or air-conditioning to start the drying.  Especially if the flooding involves sewage, it can spread the contamination throughout your home.  We have special equipment that we will set up as soon as it is safe.


Worried about a high deductible?

Give us a call and learn about our deductible assistance program.  We will do anything we can to ease your pain.  This is a difficult time.  Call a company that cares.

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