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Pricing Cleaning Services

Snow White charges one simple flat rate for its carpet cleaning services. We will clean all of the carpeted areas in your home, around and under large furniture (beds, dressers, sofas), as well as any carpeted stairs. All cleaning, pre-treatment, deodorization, block & tab, and even Scotchguard protection is included in our flat rate pricing.  With this in mind, EVERY home is different.  Our cleaning and the type of treatment we will use is custom tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your carpet.  We will always perform a pre-inspection to give an EXACT price and reasonable expectations.  We want to be aware of any areas of concern so that we can give them the attention they need.  We highly recommend a pre-inspection at least one day prior to cleaning but we understand that life is hectic.  If necessary, we can perform the pre-inspection on the day of cleaning.

Our famous carpet cleaning BEST PRICE GUARANTEE

After careful analysis of our pricing structure and that of other reputable companies in Wichita, KS, we realized that we are including many services and some additional services for free when other companies are charging handsomely. So naturally, we considered charging for these services as well. However, we have been cleaning carpets in Wichita, KS this way (more or less) for more than 50 years! That’s a long time to do something and then tell our loyal clients after all these years, “from now on, this part is extra”. Instead, we calculated the minimum cost it would take for us to still remain profitable and continue to offer the same great service. It turns out, that still keeps priced below our competition. So we decided to market the fact that our prices are the BEST. Does that mean we are the “cheapest” in town? No Way! If you want someone to come in and give you some version of a cleaning for pennies on the dollar, we don’t offer that package. BUT, if you find a reputable company* that will do even 90% of the things we do in our Fully Involved Process and include deodorizer and Scotchgard, we will happily beat their price by 20%. Guaranteed!

Our definition of “reputable company”:  A carpet cleaning business that has been around for at least 5 years and uses industry standard cleaning techniques and equipment.

Here is an example of a home pulled right out of our system for the Wichita, KS area. It includes a Living Room, Dining Room, Hall, and 2 Bedrooms. We consider this a pretty typical home cleaning scenario. The prices listed for the other companies are pulled directly from their respective websites or by calling them on the phone with exact measurements. These were their current prices listed as of January 2015.

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