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Area Rug Cleaning

Snow White employs certified experts in a variety of cleaning methods. Whether they be in your home or office, not all rugs require the same type of treatment and cleaning. Some are especially fragile such as oriental rugs. Proper identification is necessary to determine the treatment right for your rug so that we can predict how the rug will react during the cleaning process. If cleaned improperly a rug could bleed, shrink, fall apart, fray, or a number of other undesirable results. The cleaning experts at Snow White will determine the best treatment for your rug and make the process quick and easy.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Your rug will be individually inspected and tested to determine the proper cleaning method required.  Our thorough process removes the everyday soil, occasional spills, spots, dust and unhealthy allergens that penetrate deep into its fibers.

Only our in-shop process can achieve the most thorough cleaning on both sides and reach all stubborn stains, ground in dirt and contaminants.  After cleaning, your rug will be placed in our temperature and humidity controlled rug room.  Your rug will then be carefully rolled, delivered and placed in its same location in your home.

We offer FREE pick-up and delivery of rugs in Wichita and the surrounding areas that meet our $135 minimum charge or in conjunction with your other cleaning services.  We are also able to clean some rugs while in your home.

Fragile Oriental Rugs Are Our Specialty

For rugs or tapestries that have sensitive dyes, are very old or fragile, we have developed special, highly-skilled hand-cleaning methods to restore their natural beauty.

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